Wendy Morton, PhD | Mentor

Wendy Morton, PhDHello! My name is Wendy Morton. I am a qualitative researcher, IRB Chair, and online professor. I also have extensive experience in grant writing.

My expertise is focused on qualitative research methods, specifically hermeneutic phenomenology, and the IRB process. I work as a qualitative researcher in state government. My research areas of interest include public sector leadership, organizational culture, effective governance, social change, and poverty. I have experience as both an online graduate student and online graduate professor. I teach research methods online at both the undergraduate and graduate level for a state university. I also have extensive experience with grant writing, grant implementation, and grant management.

I have a BA in History with a minor in Political Science, a MA in leadership, and Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. I have attended both a state research university and an accredited online university. I am also well-versed in APA style.

As a dissertation coach, you can expect me to be responsive, thoughtful, and detailed. My experience with the IRB process can help you develop a dissertation prospectus or proposal that considers many of the ethical considerations that can be challenge for students before your work reaches the IRB for review and approval. My work in government and education has allowed me to work with diverse populations and students from a variety of backgrounds. I also consult in grant writing.

~Wendy Morton, PhD