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What Is The Dissertation Proposal?

The Dissertation proposal is a comprehensive statement on the extent and nature of the student’s Dissertation research interests.

The major components of the proposal are as follows, with some variations across Areas and disciplines:

  1. A detailed statement of the problem that is to be studied and the context within which it is to be seen. This should include a justification of the importance of the problem on both theoretical and educational grounds.

  2. A thorough review of the literature pertinent to the research problem. This review should provide proof that the relevant literature in the field has been thoroughly researched. Good research is cumulative; it builds on the thoughts, findings, and mistakes of others.

  3. A statement on the overall methodological design of the proposed study, which includes:
    1. its general explanatory interest
    2. the overall theoretical framework within which this interest is to be pursued
    3. the model or hypotheses to be tested or the research questions to be answered
    4. a discussion of the conceptual and operational properties of the variables
    5. an overview of strategies for collecting appropriate evidence (sampling, instrumentation, data collection, data reduction, data analysis)
    6. a discussion of how the evidence is to be interpreted (This aspect of the proposal will be somewhat different in fields such as history and philosophy of education.)

What Are The Details Of The Program?

Our 12 week Velocity Proposal Program or our 12 week Final Dissertation Velocity Program are designed to demystify the Dissertation process and help you mentally unblock so that you can write your proposal or final Dissertation more quickly, defend it with clarity and confidence, and move into the next phase of post-academic work.

In order to accomplish this, we will focus on 3 key steps:

Step 1: Determine Where You Are: In Step One, you determine where you are and where you need to be with your coach, share your feedback thus far and with your Coach, develop a path to achieve your goals. Additionally, you will develop your proposal completion plan. This process includes developing incentives for yourself for each milestone you complete.

Step 2: Write Your Proposal: Step Two is all about understanding how to write the various chapters of your proposal. We will cover how to write your introduction, problem statement, purpose statement, literature review, theoretical framework, and methodology. We will also explore how to navigate the institutional review board process so your study is approved quickly!

Step 3: Data Collection In Step Three you are working toward collecting data post-IRB approval and analyzing your data, and preparing Chapters 4 and 5. You will not only know how to conduct your defense with confidence, you will be prepared for the question and answer position of the defense call!

Does It Matter What Stage Of My Proposal I Am In, And How Do I Allocate The 12 Weeks?

The stage you are in doesn’t matter,

If you feel stuck, discouraged, or unsure about how to move forward, this program is for you.

If you are confident in your work and looking for a big push to get to the next phase, this program is for you.

No matter what stage you are in, this program can help propel your work to the next level and help better position you for success.

We meet you exactly where you are at, and design a plan from that point. Our singular goal is to help you reach your next milestone. This may or may not happen in 12 weeks, as there are many outside factors that are out of our control and often out of your control as well. Some students may finish early and we can use the extra time to work on the next steps, and some students may need more time and select to sign up for post-program extended support or the Final Dissertation Velocity Program.

What Makes This Program So Special?

We are not in the information selling business, or into selling courses with just more information.

Most students who come to us have purchased courses, read books, signed up for webinars, and still are in the same spot. That’s the “info” industry.

What our students need is hand-holding, and dedicated, timely, and compassionate support that they do not get from their chair or school.

Our difference?

We focus on results and outcomes.

Our success means that you get your work accepted.

Our only goal is to help you accomplish this major lifetime achievement.

Who Will Be Your Coach?

You will get to choose and be assigned to one coach who will work with you from start to finish. We maintain a small, dedicated, team of professors, Dissertation chairs, methodologists, executive coaches, and curriculum developers, who know the world of academia and how to successfully complete a doctoral Dissertation.

What Areas Will I Be Coached In During The Program?

During our 12 week programs, we will coach you through any of the following areas (meeting you where you are at):

  • How to summarize the contents of your thesis to complete the introduction
  • How to describe the background of the problem
  • How to ensure alignment between the components of your work
  • How to summarize the theoretical foundations and review of the literature
  • How to identify the problem statement
  • How to identify the purpose of your study
  • How to describe the research questions
  • How to identify the significance of your study
  • How to describe the research methodology
  • How to complete the research design
  • How to describe the instrumentation
  • How to describe the data collection procedures
  • How to describe data analysis procedures
  • How to describe the ethical considerations
  • How to apply for and obtain IRB approval
  • How to reach a sample size needed to conclude your research
  • How to write up your analysis of data
  • How to analyze and interpret data
  • How to conclude your work
  • How to defend your work
  • And more...
  • The most important part of our success with you is that you will provide us with all university templates, documents, and guidelines provided by your school so that we can customize our approach to your university's specific requirements!

    Who Is This Program For?

    This program is not for everyone, but if any of these apply to you, then you would be a good fit for one of our programs:

    • You’ve been working on your Dissertation for months (maybe even years), but you still have not managed to gain committee consensus.
    • You know you need to finish your Dissertation, but you keep telling yourself “I’ll get back to writing later”...and you never do.
    • You know that earning your doctorate is the first step to securing your career and financial future, but the thought of writing a 100-plus page Dissertation to make it happen keeps you stressed and overwhelmed.
    • You have seen success in your current and past positions, but your goal is to secure advancement, a new position, or increase your financial income, and you know that can’t happen without completing your Dissertation.
    • You are ready to use your Dissertation to impact people, communities, and organizations that you care about, but it feels like that may never happen since your Dissertation chair won’t approve your work.

    Who Is It Not For?

    Our coaches understand the challenges of the Dissertation journey and will guide and encourage you just like the hundreds before you. However, we do not write your Dissertation for you, nor will we perform the statistical analysis on your data. If you are seeking someone to do the work for you, then our program is not the right fit.

    What’s The Value Of This Program?

  • A Dedicated Coach for 12 weeks with expertise in the as a Dissertation mentor who will provide accountability, mentoring, and support. $3,000 value
  • Access to Daily Support in our online Facebook community with access to all of our coaches who will respond to questions daily until your degree is completed! $2,800 value
  • Live weekly 45-minute-sessions over phone, or video with your coach to provide full critiques and evaluation of your current files, review your documents on a shared screen or interpret feedback and provide guidance on how to address all committee feedback. $1,800 value
  • Unlimited email support and coaching with your coach in between sessions. $1,750 value
  • Free access to all templates, courses, and resources we put together $500 value
  • Retail Value (not what you will pay): $9,850

    Your fee for the entire 12 weeks including everything above:  $4,500 to be paid before the start of the program.

    How Much Does The VPP Or DVP Program Cost?

    Your Fee for the entire 12 weeks including everything above: $4,500 to be paid before the start of the program.

    What Guarantee Do You Offer?

    If this doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

    We don’t think that you will be unhappy, but if it isn’t for you, you’ll definitely know during the first week.

    By the end of the first 7 days of your program, if you have decided that this program is not for you, then you can cancel your enrollment with a full refund excluding editing services which are not refundable under any circumstances.

    YES - we will refund you back 100% of what you paid because if you find that this isn’t for you, then neither you nor our company will be successful by trying to create a fit where there is not one.

    You have absolutely no risk with this 7 day guarantee.

    After 7 days, we presume you will be committed and decided this program is for you and no refunds will be offered. But don’t worry, we’ll double check with you on Day 7 to make sure everything is good to go.

    What Happens After The 12 Weeks Of Coaching?

    You’ll have the option to extend the program for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks! Your rate will be less than the original program.

    After My Proposal Is Approved, Can I Get Coaching From You For The Rest Of The Dissertation?

    Yes. We have both a proposal and a final Dissertation program.

    Schedule a complimentary call with our Academic Placement Specialist today to discuss how our VPP program can help you!

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