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Colleges and Universities do their best to provide stellar, timely and prompt resources for students. In spite of these efforts, many students stumble and need additional assistance. No University wants their doctoral students stuck at ABD, yet our team has seen this time and time again. Students "stay stuck" for a variety of reasons, from lack of understanding, confusion, planning, motivation, being overwhelmed, writing and editing.


We believe that education is crucial for a successful society and for personal and professional advancement. The doctoral degree is the pinnacle of education. We bring the best minds together and envision a higher education experience where no student has to struggle endlessly to complete their doctoral degree.


Help students graduate faster through editing and coaching services that encourage a disciplined approach to the doctoral dissertation process while teaching students how to resolve issues for themselves in the future and how to be better writers and researchers.

About the Founder

Dr Dani Babb
I am Dani Babb, PhD. I have been a doctoral mentor since 2004 working with students at many universities through every stage of their research.

I am sure your institution is doing their best to provide stellar resources for you - most likely including weekly seminars, lots of resources, an editing center and more. No University wants to bring on doctoral students only to have them stay stuck at the dreaded ABD stage - All But Dissertation. Still, you may find yourself lacking the specific one-on-one resources that you need for success. This can be from a variety of reasons.. difficulty planning, not knowing what to work on next, feeling lost, feeling confused about quantitative methods, statistics, mixed methods, data collection, how to reconcile differing feedback from committee members, how to write academically and a whole host of other reasons.

I have seen this time and time again at every University I have worked for and it's a common problem. Unfortunately, you will most likely continue to pay tuition until you graduate. Having worked for so long in education with doctoral learners, I asked the best of the best to join me in mentoring, coaching and editing to bring resources to you - from online groups where you can ask questions throughout your entire program to coaching packages that will help you get un-stuck from your current issue, problem or concern. Our coaches are also dissertation mentors at various colleges and we have seen it all! We will help you achieve the milestones you set for yourself through weekly coaching calls, emails, support groups and more. We also offer editing services apart from our coaching solutions! Our goal is to ultimately save you money in the process by moving you through more quickly and therefore, we hope to decrease the number of months you pay tuition (or years!)

Help us move you from where you are - to where you want to be. Contact us today.

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