Nicole Dhanraj, PhD | Motivational Octopus in Chief

Nicole Dhanraj, PhDHowdy!

I am Dr Nicole Dhanraj and I like to consider myself a multifaceted octopus! I am online faculty member, researcher, training instructor, and writer who offers a unique blend of expertise and experience to support the education goals of students in higher learning institutions. I love to work with others in creative problem-solving, motivational leadership, and curriculum development. I will help you move from point A to point B, assist in identifying obstacles and barriers to success, and help you put a plan in place to succeed. I'd love to be your motivational octopus!

I am a skilled qualitative researcher. I have served as a Dissertation Chair and University Research Reviewer, lending my expertise to doctoral students in the development of quality and robust research projects across various industries. I wrote for Dissertation Prep in motivation, goal setting and keeping your priorities in mind and following through!

~Nicole Dhanraj, PhD