DNP Academy

DNP Academy for Doctorate in Nursing Practice Students

DNP Academy is here to support students through the development and evaluation of evidence-based practice quality improvement projects that are scholarly and rigorous. Quality improvement is not research, therefore there must be a definable gap in practice with data to support the problem. At that point, an intervention can be found that is based on research and supported in the literature.

The DNP project is a learning experience; an opportunity to apply skills learned in your courses in a real-world context (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2006; AACN, 2013). The goal of the DNP project is to equip graduates with high-level problem-solving skills that they can use beyond graduation.

All consultants at DNP Academy have extensive experience with all aspects of evidence-based quality improvement projects in both the academic and healthcare settings. Jointly, we have supported more than 1000 students in their doctoral journey. Spending more than a decade in higher education we saw that students need coaching and support that isn’t typically available at their university or college. While there are many resources for doctoral students who are in their dissertation phase, there is not a similar resource for the DNP student. Hence DNP Academy was born.