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PR Newswire | Dissertation Prep Launches to Support & Mentor Doctoral Students From Candidate to Completion!

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Dani Babb, PhD today announced Dissertation Prep, a new service for doctoral students working on their dissertations. The dissertation solution is focused on helping learners move through the arduous process of a dissertation proposal or final manuscript, including coaching, mentoring, support, quantitative and qualitative analysis, statistics, writing and editing. Mentors have decades of experience coaching doctoral candidates, meeting them where they are at in their scholarly journey and guiding them to the next milestone.

"Schools want to provide the best resources for doctoral students but not every learner comes into a doctoral program with the same level of expertise – or time management – to be successful. This leaves many students struggling years into their dissertation work with limited resources and mounting tuition bills. We bridge the gap between college services and what students need, and help move students from 'stuck', to 'un-stuck'" says Dani Babb, PhD, Founder and Research Professor at Dissertation Prep. Mary Dereshiwsky, PhD, both an experienced doctoral mentor and statistician, joined the team as she saw more and more students unable to cross the All But Dissertation (ABD) milestone while needing help navigating the process or understanding what to do. "This service is essential for students who are struggling to complete their dissertations - or who are just beginning and want to move quickly. Students are often confused by methodology and navigating the committee process. We commit to helping doctoral students through those struggles, and more."

Features and benefits of the doctoral student solutions include:

  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching with experienced qualitative, quantitative and writing experts
  • Ongoing group support throughout the entire dissertation phase of studies
  • Tailored milestones and objectives based on where students are – and where they need to be to complete their degrees
  • Mentors with decades of experience coaching and mentoring students at a multitude of institutions.

The services are available for students and colleges immediately. The company offers institutional packages for colleges and universities interested in mentoring or writing services for their students who are struggling to complete their programs as a supplemental support service. "This is a win-win, says Babb. Students will experience success and colleges will improve their graduation rates with equipped graduates. Our team couldn't be happier to bring this to market." For more information on doctoral dissertation services, visit www.dissertationprep.com

About Dissertation Prep: Student-centered doctoral dissertation services to help learners move from doctoral candidates to doctoral graduates. Providing mentoring, guidance, support, writing and editing services for dissertation proposals and manuscripts. The experienced team of doctoral mentors and editors is ready to serve students looking for more help, and colleges wanting to offer additional support for their doctoral students.

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